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October 14, 2016
bug_report_tiny.png 22:09  Bug report #3 - Screen-off kills import
edam (edam):
Issue created
The phone timing out and turning the screen off apparently kills the import process.

I guess the solution to this would be to move the importing to another task/process and have the UI merely control it and report on it via IPC.
June 27, 2016
bug_report_tiny.png 10:51  Bug report #2 - contact information separates
Issue created
I am using Fairphone Open OS on Fairphone 2. I installed Import Contacts from FDroid after downloading a .vcf file created on my previous phone HTC one X by selecting 'export contacts as a file'.

During import I had to babysit otherwise the app would abort if an error were encountered with screen off. I could 'continue' and imported over 1100 contacts.

When done, all the information was there, but names were separated from email addresses and phone numbers. Fortunately I was able to join many easily because emails and numbers were stuck together, but I had to use my old phone to identify and rejoin many orphaned numbers.

Possibly HTC is to blame :-)
December 21, 2012
icon_build.png 12:00 import-contacts_1.3.apk
New version released
November 14, 2012
bug_report_tiny.png 17:31  Bug report #1 - Crash during VCR import, facts and proposals
edam (edam):
Issue closed
November 09, 2012
bug_report_tiny.png 11:49  Bug report #1 - Crash during VCR import, facts and proposals
Trebly (Trebly):
Issue created

I export from Nokia suite VCF files (near 200). The second step has been to put them into a folder of the smartphone (the flash card) using Air Android (can use too FTP).
The deadlock problem is that when I import to Android 4.0.3, I got a crash for some ones and I am no way to find a solution ,see farther.

At first import I could find the VCF file which had caused the crash, the cause was that the VCR was containing an image which seems not to be supported and the size of VCF was showing the differency.

As the import is not done alphabetically it not easy to find on which record the crash occurs.

I put away the image and the file had been imported.

But I could not go on farther and I have still a file or several ones which can and generates the crash, but which one I do not know.

I thought a moment that the crash was linked to encoding utf8 which is use for some imported VCF but it is not true because I have imported file with the encoding.

I tried to find common properties not treated file, no one, because the soft crashes on one into fifty, which one(s) generate or will generate a crash we don't know.

I repeat the treatment but I crashes again without new import.
Try to import file by file (or groups by dichotomy) can be a solution, but very long, it is a debugging step.

'''For a first step towards the solution''', I propose that an error treatment will avoid a full crash (stopping the soft) into the treatment of the VCF (because an error in syntax or a not supported feature of VCF is met). Then a message could tell which file and what has generated the problem (no more real crash).
Farther, the soft could skip the error or stop (classical option for all of such soft).
Farther : generate a log file ((ImportContact-(date)-nn.log) into the same directory as the source of VCF files.

For the moment I have near forty VCF that have not been imported and I can't unlock this, because I don't know what makes the soft crash.

Best regards

For reproduction step you will need to get my phonebook... but may be You found this problem before.