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icon_project.png Arduino Makefile / Closed Bug report #8 Picking up, compiling and linking *.S files
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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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This is probably an extension of this feature request,, however when I try and use a released library, AVRLib,, it does not successfully compile using the Makefile as there are a number of assembly files, in this case ending with the extension of *.S. The ardunio GUI successfully pickes up and compiles these files so I was able to figure out what was missing.

I have edited my local make file to pick up *.S as source files and to compile them the same as *.c files and it all works

Thanks for releasing this code, I much perfer working with arduinos using the command line than a clunky GUI

Here is the diff of the changes I made:

< $(wildcard *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C) \
< $(wildcard $(addprefix util/, *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C)) \
< $(wildcard $(addprefix utility/, *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C))
> $(wildcard *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C *.S) \
> $(wildcard $(addprefix util/, *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C *.S)) \
> $(wildcard $(addprefix utility/, *.c *.cc *.cpp *.C *.S))
< $(patsubst %, .lib/%.o, $(wildcard $(addprefix $(dir)/, *.c *.cpp))))
> $(patsubst %, .lib/%.o, $(wildcard $(addprefix $(dir)/, *.c *.cpp *.S))))
> %.o: %.S
> mkdir -p .dep/$(dir $<)
> $(COMPILE.c) $(CPPDEPFLAGS) -o $@ $<
> mkdir -p $(dir $@)
> $(COMPILE.c) -o $@ $<
> .lib/%.S.o: %.S
Steps to reproduce this issue
Download AESLib and follow the instructions there for incorporating the code triggers this problem
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Fixed in r88

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