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icon_project.png Arduino Makefile / Closed Bug report #10 Using Arduino Makefile to build ArdOS results in a bad executable
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I built an example ArdOS ([]) code, bigExample.ino, using the Arduino Makefile, and it builds successfully but it does not execute correctly. It seems to continually jump back to the start of the code.

Building bigExample.ino in the Arduino IDE builds and runs correctly.
Steps to reproduce this issue
# Install ArdOS library from [] into the Arduino IDE 1.0.5

# Open the ArdOS example bigExample.ino in the Arduino IDE

# Save it as a new project.

# Add
<source>#include "ArdOS.h"</source>
to the top of the bigExample.ino file and create an empty ArdOS.h file in the same directory as bigExample.ino (to allow to pull in the ArdOS library).

# In the Arduino IDE, upload bigExample to an Arduino and open the serial port. Watch it display the correct data.

# In a terminal window, use the Arduino Makefile to make and upload to an Arduino. Watch it build correctly.

# Using make monitor, watch it continuously reset and not display the correct data.

Comments ()
 edam (edam)
Oct 23, 2013
Thanks for following-up! :o)

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Oct 23, 2013
Turns out this was a bug in the way ArdOS was inlining code. The compiler that I had installed and was called from (g++ 4.6.2) was different than the one called by the Arduino environment (g++ 4.3.2).

No fix is required for Arduino makefile.